Steel Melting Foundry Casting Crane-Double Girder Overhead Casting Crane

                Steel Melting Foundry Casting Crane-Double Girder Overhead Casting Crane

Steel Melting Foundry Casting Crane-Double Girder Overhead Casting Crane image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.


GB/T 24001-2004 Idt ISO14001: 2004

GB/T 19001-2000 Idt ISO 9001: 2000

GB/T 28001-2001, Ohsas18001: 1999

Limited Switch

Polyurethane Material Buffer

Current Overload Protection System

Voltage Lower Protection Function

Lifting Mechanism
Electrical Hoist

Main Electrical Parts
Siemens Brand


Transport Package
Exporting Standard

Chinese Standard


Xinxiang, Henan Province, China

HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

Steel Melting Foundry Casting Crane-Double Girder overhead casting crane

Casting Crane is one of the main equipments in the continuous casting technology of steelmaking. It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter; Lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting molten steel from molten steel bay to ladle turret of continuous casting machine.

The overall structure of foundry crane has the following forms: Two girders and two rail, four girders and four rails, and four girder and six rail, etc. The form of two girder and two rail, four girder and four rail, are mainly used for middle and large-tonnage foundry crane; The form of four-girder and six-rail and two trolley is mainly used for extra large-tonnage foundry crane.

Kuangyuan brand Casting crane always pay more attention for each detail:

The product is designed and manufactured by international standards with great variety and superior quality which can meet the arts and crafts and transport of large and medium-sized steel plants. The main products are: Feeding, casting, stripper, tongs, uncovery expected harrow, electromagnetics, rotating hook, rotating carrier beam, slab tongs, roll tongs, electromagnetic beam, five, six purpose carrier beam, quenching, forging, multi-functional aluminium-refined machine group, etc.

Design: ‘Kuangyuan’ Brand Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes are designed & manufactured accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001 considering factor of safety in respect to appropriate class of duty.

Motors: The motors are used specially crane duty suitable for frequent starting, reversing & braking in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 ISO 14001: 2004. Motors are totally enclosed in dust proof construction foot / flange mounted TESC / TEFC, Sq. Insulation class F, IP55 protection for hoisting, CT & LT motions.

Brakes: Always we make 2 brake for each mechanism. That could make the crane more safe. Also the high quality hydralic thrusters is the most important parts to make the brake perfect working!

Gear Box: The entire gear boxes are made of accurate hob cut helical / spur gears & pinions having hardness 250 to 350 BHN made from carbon alloy steel. All gears & pinions running on antifriction type ball / roller bearings in totally enclosed oil bath giving constant splash lubrication. The helical / Spur gear designed for adequate strength and optimum wear resistance for smooth operation & long life.

Wheels: The wheels of crane crab, main beam and end carriage are produced in our special Vacuum casting workshop (No sand inclusion technic) ) which make our wheels more elastic and outer surface hard-wearing and durable.

Electrical Panel: -Modular design, ease to install and maintain, reliable operation, fuse less circuitry, ducted wiring and compact terminals. Motor overload protection to prevent overloading.

Limit Switch: Safety limit switches for stoppers will be provided to prevent over traveling in all motions.

Painting: -Two coats of primer before assembly & two coats of synthetic enamel after testing.

Safety feature:
Weight overload protection device,
Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer,
Crane traveling limit switch, Voltage lower protection function,
Emergency stop system,
Current overload protection system and so on!

Design and construction rules:
All the standards which is required for the crane is the Chinese standard.

Primer and finishing paint
Color: According to your demand.

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Name Hoisting Mechanism Name Travelling Mechanism
Main Trolley Aux Trolley Bridge
Lifting Capacity  T 75 20 Rail Distance M 7 1.8 16.5
Hoist Speed  m/min 7.73 18.7 Travelling Speed M/Min 39.2 46.5 77.7
Working System A7 A6 Working System A6 A6 A7
Max Lifting height M 16 18 Buffer Distance  mm 100 100 240
motor Power kw 63*2 55 Motor Power kw 18.5 5 18.5*2
Rotation Speed r/min 584 725 Rotation Speed r/min 721 935 721
Span  M 16.5 Max wheel pressure      
Total Power kw 249.5 Rail type 43kg/m 43kg/m QU80
      Total weight 44.3 7.01 154
Power Source 3Phase  380V      50HZ

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