Motor-Driven Single Beam Overhead Crane

                Motor-Driven Single Beam Overhead Crane

Motor-Driven Single Beam Overhead Crane image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Single Girder Crane

GB/T 24001-2004 Idt ISO14001: 2004

GB/T 19001-2000 Idt ISO 9001: 2000

GB/T 28001-2001, Ohsas18001: 1999

Lifting Mechanism
Electrical Hoist

Limited Switch

Current Overload Protection System

Voltage Lower Protection Function

Painting Color
According to Your Demand

Power Source

Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usag

Transport Package
Export Standard

Chinese Standard


Xinxiang, China

HS Code

Production Capacity

Product Description

Single Beam Bridge/Overhead Crane

Basic Data of LDA
Capacity (lifting Weight): 1~20ton;
Span: 7.5~22.5m
Lifting/hook height: 6~30m
Working duty (classification): A3

Main Structure & Features

Crane Beam:
Weld by steel plate and I steel to make a lower dead weight and higher degree rigidity. Small wheel loads can be transmitted to the crane runway.

Steady starting, reversing and braking. Insulation class is F and IP54 protection for hoisting, CT & LT motions.

Gear Box:
The helical/spur gear for smooth operation and long life. Gear and pinion: Hardness: 250~350BHN (carbon alloy steel); Antifriction type ball/roller bearings with constant splash lubrication.

Selfmade wheels in the special vacuum casting workshop (no sand inclusion technic), which makes the wheels more elastic and outer surface hard
Wearing and durable.

Electrical Panel:
Modular design; Ease to install and maintain; Reliable operation; Fuse less circuitry, ducted wiring and compact terminals.

Limit Switch:
Safety limit switches for stoppers to prevent over travelling in all motions.

With features of light structure and easy installation, it is widely used to lift materials in factories, warehouses, stockyards and other places. DO NOT use in the environment with inflammable, explosive and corrosive media. Its span is 7.5~22.5m (Non-standard deign can be done according to the user’s requirements. ), and the working temperature is -25~40

What kind of product can be supplied for you?

1) High Quality and Best Price
China Well-known Trademark —— "KUANGYUAN"
Powerful Technical Support—–Research center of Engineering and Technology of Hoisting and Transport Machinery of Xinxiang City
Various Quality Certifications—- ISO9001-2008; ISO14001: 2004; CE; GOST; SGS; BV; TUV;

Quality forges brand; Integrity builds future. We Promise to you the Products with Top Quality and Best Price.

2) Safety
Each Design is for Your Workers and Factory!
Protection Device for Weight overload
Top Quality Polyurethane Buffer
Travelling and Lifting Limit Switch
Voltage Lost Protection
Emergency Stop System to Protect Workers and Relevant Property.
Current Overload Protection Function.
Phase Protection Function

3) Easy Operation and Long Working Life
With the advanced technology and careful production, the cranes or spare parts supplied will be operated easily and have less maintenance in order to Save Time and Cost!

4) Perfect After-sale Service
Client-oriented Concept
Professional Pre-sales and After-sales Team
After-sales Information Network
Free Service Provided During Three Guarantees’ Period
Preferential Service Beyond the Period
Timely, Serious and Complete Service

We can manufacture products according to your requirements. If needed, please inform us the following data:
A) Lifting capacity/weight
B) Span
C) Lifting height
D) Working conditions
E) Other special requirements

Any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be of service to you!

Welcome to Henan Kuangshan Crane Co., Ltd.!

Lifting capacity (T) 1, 2, 3, 5, 10T 16, 20T
Span(M) 7.5-22.5M
Crane traveling mechanism Traveling speed(m/min) 20 30 45 60 75 20 30 45 60 75
Reducer ratio 58.78 39.38 26.36 19.37 15.88 58.78 39.38 26.36 19.37 15.88
Motor Model ZDY21-4 ZDY21-4 ZDY122-4 ZDY131S-4 ZDY112L1-4
Power(kw) 2× 0.8 2× 1.5 1.5× 2 2.2× 2 2.2× 2
Rotation (m/min) 1380 1380
Lifting mechanism
(electric hoist)& electric hoist traveling mechanism
Electric hoist model CD1/MD1 MD1/HC
Lifting speed (m/min) 8, 8/0.8 7, 7/0.7 3.5 3.5/0.35
Lifting height (m) 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 12, 18, 24, 30
Traveling speed (m/min) 20(30) 20(30)
Motor Taper Squirrel-cage type Taper Squirrel-cage type
Work duty A3-A5
Power supply 380V 50HZ three phase
Wheel diameter 270mm 370mm
Width of trail 37-70mm 37-70mm

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