Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment, Electric Wire Rope Hoist

                Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment, Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Heavy Duty Industrial Equipment, Electric Wire Rope Hoist image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
CD1. MD1

CE, ISO9001:2000, SGS



Lifting Capacity

Lifting Height

Lifting Speed
CD1: 3.5/4/7/8m/Min; Md1:0.35/0.7/0.8m/Min

Traveling Speed

Power Supply

Overload Protection

Limit Switch

Emergency Stop System

Warranty Period
12 Months

Free Service
Design, Spar Parts Supply

Transport Package
Wooden Case

China Standard


China, Henan

HS Code

Production Capacity
50000 PCS/Year

Product Description

About Company: Henan Zhonggong Group Crane Technology Co., Ltd

1. With more than 30 years development, Henan Zhonggong Group has 5 holding subsidiaries, covers an area of 240,000 square meters and 100,000 square meters construction area, possesses nearly 1000 sets various producing equipements, is a member unit of Bridge Crane branch of "China Heavy Machinery Industry Association". now we have 1200 staff of which more than 160 professional engineers and management colleagues, company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Brand "YUZHONG" products have been granted titles such as "Top 10 brand Well-Known Cranes in China", "Well-Known Commodity in Henan Province" and "Henan Famous Trademark".

2. Group R&D Center has been recognized as the engineering technology research center of cranes for application at Xinxiang nuclear power station and serves as the only China R&D in the nuclear area. company can supply electrical hoist, single girder crane, double girder crane, gantry crane, overhead crane, grab, explosion-proofinsulation crane, hydraulic hoist, container handling crane, ship crane, metallurgic crane, quenched crane, elecromagnetic series crane and special crane for nulear power station. 

Model CD1 and MD1 Wire Rope Hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, which can be mounted on singlebeam, bridge, gantry, and arm cranes. With slight modification, it can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbours, warehouses, cargo storage areas and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions.

Model CD1 Electric Hoist has only one normal speed, which can satisfy normal application. Model MD1 Electric Hoist provides two speeds: Normal speed and low speed. At a low speed, it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools, etc. Thus, model MD1 Electric Hoist is more widely than Model CD1.

1. Electric wire rope hoist is a kind of light-small lifting equipment with advantages of tight structure, light weight, small volume, wide common use and convenient operation etc. If reducers with hard gear surface are applied, it will have long life and high mechanical efficiency. Conic rotor brake motors are equipped which has safety limiter in both up and down directions.

2. This Electric wire rope hoist has fast and slow lifting speeds which make it lift steadily and accurately.
It can be widely used to hoist heavy objects, or installed on the straight or curve I-steel beam of Single-girder Cranes. It can also be used together with Electric Hoist Double-beam, gantry crane and slewing cranes.

To meet the needs of lifting heavier cargo, our factory also manufactures HC20T and more than 20T capacity electric hoist.

Pls let us know your detailed enquiry including the lifting weight, lifting height, lifting&traveling speed, we will offer you a satisfied scheme.

Capacity (ton) 0.5 1 2 3 5 10 16 20
Lifting height (m) 6, 9, 12, 18,24,30
Working duty M3 M6
Control way Pendant control, or Remote control
Power source 380V 50HZ 3phase (Could supply it as yours)
I-beam type 16-28b 20a-32c 25a-63c 45a-63c
Lifting mechanism
Electric hoist model CD1 single speed, MD1 double speed
Wire rope Diameter 4.8 7.4 11 13 15 15 17.5 20
Structure form D-6 x 37+1
Lifting speed (m/min) Single 8 7 3.5
Double 0.8 / 8 0.7 / 7 0.35/3.5
Motor power (KW) Single speed 0.8 1.5 3 4.5 7.5 13 13 18.5
Double speed 0.2/0.8 0.2/1.5 0.4/3 0.4/4.5 0.8/7.5 1.5/13 1.5/13 3.0/18.5
Rotation speed (n/min) 1380 1400
Traveling mechanism
Traveling speed (m/min) 20 or 30
Motor power (KW) 0.2 0.2 0.4 0.4 0.8 2×0.8 2×0.8 4×0.8
Rotation speed (n/min) 1380

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