Double Beam Overhead Crane-Double Hook Overhead Crane

                Double Beam Overhead Crane-Double Hook Overhead Crane

Double Beam Overhead Crane-Double Hook Overhead Crane image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
QD Model

Bridge Crane

as Your Demand

GB/T 19001-2000 Idt ISO 9001: 2000

GB/T 28001-2001, Ohsas18001: 1999

Main Electrical Parts
Siemens Brand

Frequency Inverter

Overload Protection

Power Supply
380V 50Hz Three-Phase or Customized

Transport Package
Export Standard

Chinese Standard


Xinxiang, Henan Province, China

Product Description

Double Beam Overhead Crane-Double hook Overhead Crane

QD double beam overhead crane is composed with Girder frame, Crane travel device, and the trolley with lifting and moving device. There is Pave the rails for the trolley move on the main girder. Assemble the moving table on the outside of the two main girder, one side is prepare for the assemble and maintenance the crane move device, another side is prepare for the assemble of the trolley conductor device. There are full field of view Cabin suspend under the main girder, there are joint control desk or single control box packed within the Cabin, assemble the sidelong ladder between the Cabin and moving table, The main girder joint with the two side end carriage which with the joint point in the middle

Lifting Capacity T 5 10 16/3.2 20/5 32/5 50/10
Span m 10.5-31.5
Speed Main Hook Lifting A5 m/min 11.3 8.5 7.9 7.2 7.5 5.9
A6 15.6 13.3 13 12.3 9.5 7.8
Aux. Hook Lifting       16.7 19.5 19.5 10.4
Traveling of Trolley   37.2 43.8 44.6 44.6 42.4 38.5
Traveling of Crab A5 89.8/91.8 90.7/91.9
84.7/87.6 84.7/87.6 87/74.2 74.6
A6 92.7/93.7 115.6/116
112.5/101.4 112.5/101.4 101.4/101.8 75/76.6
Operational Model Cabin; remote control; ground handle
Working Duty A5,A6
Power Supply Three-phase A.C. 380V, 50Hz or customized

Features of the Double Beam Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane
Crane girders:
The crane girders are of welded girder construction. This result in lower dead weight with a high degree of vertical and horizontal rigidity and smaller wheel loads is being transmitted to the crane runway.

Painting will be completed in the factory before shipping.
After manufacturing (after welding)
Average thickness: About 100 microns
Electrical elements
The crane that we are offering is designed to meet the required functions and requirement stated in your specifications, as well as for the operating conditions.

The sub-assemblies used by are standardized equipment of renowned manufactures and have been approved for specific crane operation by our test laboratory. Their characteristics regarding impact, vibrations, wear and safety were examined. A continuous high quality standard is ensured by series production and standardized sub-assemblies.
The electrical equipment is accommodated in robust steel plate control cubicles, on the crane girder.

Kuangyuan Famous Brand Double Girder Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Syatem for Workshop (QD Model)
All movements can be switched off by actuating the emergency-off switch at the control station via a main contactor.
Power supply cable and control cable along the girder. A protective earth conductor is fitted as standard. A crane switch is provided.

Travel end switches, long and cross travel limited by means of preliminary and final limit switches

Overload protection: In the event of overload, the hoist unit switches off and only the lowering motion is possible.

Control methods:
Pendent wire.
Cabin control
Remote control

Customer Care:
Our philosophy is that the customer should be happy with the system performance and enormous improvement in work environment. And our aim is reducing the labor inputs for eternity working together with customer and ensuring that the work is executed to the utmost satisfaction of the customer.
Henan Mine Crane Company concentrate to have positive and flexible approach towards customer need through its comprehensive solution and service capabilities, professionally and cost effectively. As a company whose success derives from mains fully committed to develop close working partnership with its customer.
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