50/10tons Span 28.5m Double Beam Bridge Crane

                50/10tons Span 28.5m Double Beam Bridge Crane

50/10tons Span 28.5m Double Beam Bridge Crane image

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Basic Info.

Model NO.

Double Beam Crane

Crane Type
Overhead Crane


Working Class
A3, A5, A6



Lifting Height

Painting Color
According to Your Demand

Current Overload Protection System

Mineral Area, Workshop,Cargo Yard

Sling Type
Wire Rope

Power Source

Moving Type

Cabin,Remote Control

Working Voltage
380V50Hz3phac or Customize

Transport Package
Packing by Woven Plastic Cloth and Plywood Crate.

China National standard


Xinxiang, Henan Province

HS Code

Production Capacity
3000 Sets/Year

Product Description

50/10Tons Double Beam Bridge Crane

QD model double girder overhead crane with hook. It is usually to be used in workshop to lift material,equipment. It mainly consists of Trolley,bridge frame,long traveling unit,hook and wirerope,cabin and eletric control system,etc.

It has reasonable structure,light dead weight,low noise,easy operation and maintenance,low maintenance frequency and cost,superior performance,long service life.


1.Main confirguration characteristics:
Steel plate material:Q235B
Heavy duty slipring motor,IP54,F or H,

Soft,Mid-Hard,hard tooth reducer,
High strength steel wire-rope
DG20Mn high strength forged hook

Gears,Shafts,wheels axis are of 45# or 50# steel
ZG50SiMn vacuum casted wheel
China famous brand bearings
China famous brand hydraulic brake
China Famous brand cables
Speed control:resistor or VVVF

2.Main manufacturing process:
Steel plate pretreatment equipment
Plasma cutting machine to cut steel plate,

Box girder welding by robot,welding adopts CO2 protection welding or Submerged arc welding,
End beam welding by robot,welding adopts CO2 protection welding or Submerged arc welding,
Sand blasting,prime painting
Precision assembly and strict testing
Manual brush painting,even coating thickness and high adhensive force
Quality strict inspection and delivery

3. Protecting devices:
1) Overload limiter to cut off circuit when overload

2) Audible alarm device for warning during crane working time,
3) Hook safety latch

4) Anti collision device(limit switch,infrared ray,laser) to avoid crane collision
5) Overcurrency protection,zero position protection,etc.
6) Emergency stop button
7) Motor thermal protection or overspeed protection,heater of motor

By brush by man, Anti-rust painting, primer and finishing paint, yellow or red color, General thickness: About 105 microns

4.Ordering informationss: 
1, What is the crane purpose?or what material to be lifted?

2, What’s the lifting capacity? 
3, What’s the span of the crane (from rail center to rail center)?
4, What’s the lifting height? 
5, What’s the working time and how many lifts per hour? 
6, What speeds (lifting speed, travel speed) do you need? 
7, What’s your working voltage there? 
8, What color do you need? 
9, What is the crane traveling distance:?
10, Do you have other special requirements:?

1. Capacity from 5ton to 50/10 ton
2. The working duty of the crane is A3, A5 and A6.
3. The lifting height (main & auxiliary hook) and span are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s demand.
4. There are three speed: The lifting speed, cross travelling speed, long travelling speed. (If our company’s speed standard can not satisfy your special demand, we can use the frequency convertor. )
5. There are three operational control mode: Pendent line with press button, remote control, cabin room control or choose any two together!
6. The design and manufacture is according to the Chinese standards.
7. Applied in mechanical processing workshop, subsidiary workshop, warehouse, power plant for transferring and so many places.
8. The top technology: One body shape, no welding for main beam strong and beautiful
9. The whole crane assembly: No. 1 in China
10. The price level: No. 2 in China
11. Our group: Scored No. 1 on overhead crane for continuous 9years

Capacity T 10 16/3 20/5 32/5 50/10
Operational method   Cabin control
Span m 10.5-31.5
Speed Mainhook Lifting A5  
8.5 7.9 7.2 7.5 5.9
A6 13.3 13 12.3 9.5 7.8
Aux. hook Lifting   16.7 19.5 19.5 13.2
Cross travelling 43.8 44.6 44.6 42.4 38.5
Long travelling A5   90.7/91.9/84.7 84.7/87.6 84.7/87.6 87/74.2 74.6/85.9
A6 115.6/116.8/112.5 112.5/101.4 112.5/101.4 101.4/101.8 86.8/87.3
Motor Lifting Main A5 Type /kw YZR180L-6/17 YZR225M-8/26 YZR225M-8/26 YZR280S-10/42 YZR280M-10/55
A6   YZR250M1-6/37 YZR225M2-6/45 YZR280M-8/55 YZR315S-8/75
Auxiliary YZR200L-6/22 YZR180L-8/13 YZR180L-6/17 YZR180L-6/17 YZR200L-6/26
Cross travelling YZR132, 1-6/2× 6.3 YZR132M2-6/4 YZR132M2-6/4 YZR160M-6/6.3 YZR160M2-6/8.5
Long travelling A5 YZR132M2-6/2× 4 YZR160M1-6/2× 6.3 YZR160M1-6/2× 6.3 YZR160M2-6/2× 8.5 YZR160L-6/13
A6 YZR160M1-6/2× 5.5 YZR160M2-6/2× 7.5 YZR160M2-6/2× 7.5 YZR160L-6/2× 11 YZR180L-8/13
Max. Lifting height Main hook m 16 16 12 16 12
Aux. hook   18 14 18 16
Working duty   A5, A6
Power supply   380V 50HZ 3phase AC (As your demand)


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